Month: March 2014

Blog Post #38: Dear Those Who Hurt

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dearthosewhohurt“When you say ‘no man is an island’, it’s as if all of us are connected.
We are all pieces of the same puzzle; cut from the same cloth,
and if we will it, we combine into a tremendous force.
And while this sounds nice, and reassuring,
it’s not true.
None of us are one; we aren’t even whole as individuals.
We are pieces of different puzzles
and the threads that make us up are different.
Some are rough or soft,
or bright or dull.
We can’t read minds; we don’t know what others want,
but it’s a fact of life
that hurt touches and affects us all.
Like John Green says,
but someday, someone’ll say that
they’ll try to fix you, and they won’t
because they can’t.
Hurt isn’t a defect
and its effects aren’t blemishes.
They’re battle scars
and they’re beautiful
and they have been destined for you
because you are capable and strong and
you can make it through.
You deserve to be here because like my mom says,
‘God will never give you more than you can handle.’
Pain is a curse,
but it’s a blessing.
They say you never know
what you have until it’s gone,
but you also never know your strength
until it’s required.
And you are so much stronger than you know.”