Blog Post #36: The One Thing I Know

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Since we’ve finished “All Quiet on the Western Front”, my English class is supposed to find our favorite quote. I know I said I already had one, but I’ve changed my mind; I like another one better.

“And all men of my age, here and over there, throughout the whole world see these things; all my generation is experiencing these things with me.”

I think I’ve repeated over and over that all I ever want and have ever wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself.

Something incredible and extraordinary and spectacular.
Something that can never be tarnished or forgotten or simply remain an escaped memory. Something that will live on in hearts and reminiscence; something infinite.

photo(2)(Credits to me. Demi at the Neon Lights concert. Music is my infinite.)

I feel like even though I haven’t really done anything worth anything in my life (yet, hopefully), just being apart of the world, being alive is something worth something. Right now, there are billions of people giving birth,

getting married,

watching movies,

reading books,

eating Skittles,

saying “I love you”,

losing their virginity,

listening to music,

adopting puppies,

winning the lottery,

and living.

And I get to be part of that.

And it blows my mind. Right now, this moment in the world, will never happen again, and neither will the moment before that or after that, and everything happening in the world right now, will never happen again. Right now, will never happen again. Future generations will never experience December 21, 2012, or see One Direction grow so big, or feel the inevitable but unbearable loss of Harry Potter, or see Jennifer Lawrence fall for the second time at an award show. That’s us; that’s all us, and this is our time. No one, and nothing, can take that away from us.

Right now, we are infinite.


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