Blog Post #20: A Little Supernatural Reference

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Guys, I have a secret, a very dark scary secret.

It might be a little obvious to you now, you know, from the title, but here goes:

I love Supernatural.

Hah, it wasn’t so bad. Supernatural is great and I love it, even though I haven’t seen it in a while since Castle came back from hiatus. (Caskett + Esplanie + the Ryans = OTPs!!!)

Anyway, back to the point of this post: as many of you know, I’ve been readingĀ Tale of Two Cities and one certain part in it reminded me, very strongly, of Lilith in Supernatural.

In Book 3 Chapter 5, we are intimately introduced to the woodsawyer, or “Samson of the firewood guillotine”. He says,

“‘I call myself the Samson of the firewood guillotine. See here again! Loo, loo, loo; Loo, loo, loo! And off her head comes! Now, a child. Tickle, pickle; Pickle, pickle! And off its head comes. All the family!'”

Maybe it’s just me, but I imagine the woodsawyer as a pure, brutally influenced by the Defarges and other revolutionaries. With the woodsawyer’s little innocent noises, and the way he is so sweet to Lucie’s daughter with the contrast of him lopping off tiny pretend wooden heads, he is just an uncanny parallel to the scene of Lilith in Sierra McCormick’s body with the bloody white dress, having just killed her cat, mostly likely by ripping its head off.

Just the idea of a small child, or child-like figure, treating life and death like some sort of innocent game is so disturbing. Both characters have this ingenuous quality that make them so lovable and endearing, but inside they have this evil that is being nurtured through no self-confessed knowledge of their own. I just, it terrifies me.

PS: In other news, can you believe that Caskett’s wedding won’t be this season?! They’re waiting so it won’t have the over-powering of the Olympics and Valentine’s Day, but c’mon; I NEED THIS WEDDING!


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