Blog Post #14: Thanksgiving Is Pointless

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bp14Now, before you go and hate me, let me explain what this is all about.

I don’t mean that Thanksgiving is dumb and ridiculous and we should never ever appreciate anyone or anything ever again. I mean, we should not need a certain day or time to remind us that we are lucky and fortunate for everything we have.

We should feel grateful every single day for what we have: friends, love, a computer to read this on, and what we don’t have: terminal illness, abusive relations, birth abnormalities. (I sincerely apologize if any of you do have these things, and I wish you and your family all the luck and good wishes in the world.)

But if you do have any of those bad things, you understand how lucky and blessed you are to have other things. Even the poorest man in the street should be grateful for the gift for waking up and being alive another day.

Anyway, the point is, we don’t, or shouldn’t, need a special day to thank our family for being there for us, our friends for getting revenge on bullies, or a higher being for granting us happiness.

Hug your mother everyday; smile at your dad; buy goodies for your friends; give that annoying kid paper; YOU ARE LUCKY TO BE ALIVE! Don’t waste it on being bitter about how your parents don’t understand you, or your friends are never free to go to the movies.

Here are some of the many, many things that I am thankful for:

  1. that my dad will most likely be healthy
  2. my family is together and happy
  3. my best friends, Vi and Rachel
  4. the never-ending stack of clean, beautiful lined paper in my binder
  5. that my pencil doesn’t squeak
  6. opportunity as a female to do anything males can do
  7. emerging technology to give third-world countries clean water
  8. One Direction ❤
  9. my amazing internet friends
  10. the chance to travel Europe next summer (more on that later)
  11. this blog and you readers 🙂
  12. being alive and healthy and living in a safe city
  13. the mounds of stuffed animals in my closet (they give me comfort when nothing else can)
  14. that I’m being rushed to give my Christmas list to my family (some kids don’t have family waiting to give them presents)
  15. my playlist that never stops making me happy
  16. One Direction ❤
  17. that I an afford a luxurious lunch with my family
  18. Internet access
  19. a government that does protect me (thank you, John Locke)
  20. people who make me happy surround me
  21. science to make sure that my future kids and grandkids will be healthier than our generation ever was
  22. did I already say One Direction?

I know I did put some humor into my list, and some things weren’t as important, but don’t ever ever forget the little things. They often become the most memorable.

Let me know down below of some things you are thankful for.

And I know this is late, so I hope you HAD a wonderful Thanksgiving! Never stop appreciating the world around you.


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