Blog Post #8: Anosognosia

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Being human is the concept that we all are mortal and we make mistakes while trying to make the most of our lives.

I think the biggest culprit is our ignorance. You could have gone to an Ivy League school and still have ignorance to some problems and solutions. This is because we don’t know we don’t know about them.

This is anosognosia.

Anosognosia, in the dictionary, is “failure to be aware of a defect or deficit”. Essentially, this means that as human beings, we have incompetence. This incompetence masks, to us, our incompetence in other things.

The only way around this is to be aware of other people who can see you and your incompetence.

I was going to say that those people should also have your best intentions at heart, but the truth is, sometimes, the people who don’t like you are the only ones brave enough, or that will tell you the truth about yourself.

And that’s why it’s important to listen to not only your friends, but also to the people who you might not like so much. I cannot even stress enough how crucial this is to your professional life, to your growth and maturity as a person, and also to your own personal happiness.

Trust me, the more you do this and the more you learn from this, the more satisfied and happier you will be; but don’t let this stop your from continuing to grow.

Remember: There is ALWAYS room for improvement.

So continue to improve, you will be so much more content and light-hearted.

If you want more detail on this subject, you should go read this blog post by my English teacher and this article from the New York Times.


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