Blog Post #5: A Mover and a Shaker

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I used to be a huge fan of the “Judy Moody” books because I thought she was just the most interesting and quirky person, and I loved that little lock of hair that stuck up from her head.

Anyway, the point of that was that in one of the books, Judy is supposed to make a “Me” collage, where she presents herself, her dreams and aspirations, on a poster and shares herself with the class.

While her dad and brother are dropping the collage off to her school, her brother spills a juice box on it (and not just a tiny drop, either; it’s practically the whole drink).

But, even though she’s so upset, she outlines the whole stain in thick black marker, and makes it the state of Virginia.

Judy Moody is “a mover and a shaker”.

Miley Cyrus, while she was still normal and sane, once said that many of her outfits are created by choosing pieces of clothing that are completely rubbish together, but perfects the outfit as a whole with accessories.

Miley Cyrus is “a mover and a shaker”.

In my English class, we adapted a method called “Bad Idea Factory”. We call it “Cow Pie Kitchen”, but the original idea was created by another teacher, Kevin Brookhouser.

The idea is to come up with the worst ideas possible to accomplish something. The ideas can be ridiculously hilarious or downright awful, but at the end, they can really inspire some good ideas. Everyone shares something good that would come out of a bad idea, and then good ideas are formed.

Kevin Brookhouser is “a mover and a shaker”.

I think everyone could use this method, because, not only is it fun, but very productive; anyone can come up with a bad idea!

We are all “movers and shakers”.

It’s time to finally tell you what it means to be “a mover and shaker”. You might have used context clues to figure it out, but essentially, “a mover and a shaker” is someone who turns a bad situation into a good one. They push their boundaries and stretch their comfort zone to create something wonderful; to achieve something magnificent; to be somebody phenomenal.

I believe in you.


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