Blog Post #4: Moving On

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It’s kind of sad how some things just fade away from your life, whether it be friends or a routine or a TV show.

For example, my family and I had started watching this Indian TV show together. Ever night, Monday through Thursday, we’d all gather together in the living room and watch, and even though me and my dad would make fun of the melodramatic acting, and my brother would mock the background music, it was just something we all did together and something I always looked forward to. We gave almost four years of our life to that show.

And then, we just stopped.

We were busy one week and we didn’t watch it, and all of a sudden, something that had become part of my everyday life, was just.. gone.

Stuff like that, people who you talked to every single day, just move on and you’re left wondering where the time went.

Last year, I didn’t have classes with either of my best friends, but we made time to hand out and eat together every day, but then one of them met some other people who she decided she liked more, and again, just like that, she was gone, and I don’t see her anymore.

It’s just kind of heart-breaking because I’ve known her since the first grade when I started at that elementary school and we’d been through so much together, but I’m not mad at her. I mean, I’m a little upset by what happened and what she chose, but I guess people change and they find people whose changes match theirs.

I can name endless people whom I’ve lost to the glamor of being cool and having friends were older and close, one being the friend I mentioned earlier, another being my cousin.

And every single story ends with them just.. leaving.

But it’s probably because I wasn’t enough.

And it makes me want to cry sometimes, because I try so hard to be a good friend, and someone who they would be proud to be friends with.

But there’s nothing for me to do, except move on.

So that’s what I’m going to do..


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